May 1, 2010

New Fairy Bear

Let me introduce Amie!

She is a miniature, one of a kind, artist bear. Amie measures 2 inches (5 cm) when standing, but prefers to sit. She is made from long pile miniature bear material in a lovely moss green color. She has hand painted details, a little waxed embroidered nose, premium quality black glass eyes, cotter pin jointed head and thread jointed limbs, bead necklace, fairy wings and a pair of wire antennas. She is filled with polyfill.
I hope she makes you smile and warms your heart!


  1. Ezt, a kislányomnak nem mutatom meg! ;)
    Nagyon kedves!

  2. What a little sweety........I'm very pleased ti discover your blog and will stand by.
    Bear hugs from France

  3. Nagyon szépek és édesek a macik! Nagyon ügyes vagy! nekem van még mit tanuljak! Kezdő vagyok :) örülök hogy megkerestél! remélem tartjuk a kapcsolatot. A kutyusok tündériek!
    Zafi :)

  4. Tévedtem. A Mici is édes, de ez a kis zöldség viszi a pálmát!!!

  5. What a delight to find you! Amie is a tiny miracle made from your hands...she is extraordinary! All of your bears are just wonderful. I will be checking back often to see more of your, Rose


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